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What is Thermal Film?

Thermal film is the “ink” used in the ERP702 Ribbon Printer. Instead of the liquid ink that is used in a desktop printer, thermal film is melted wax on a thin foil backing. As the film passes the heating element in the printer, it is transferred onto the ribbon where it becomes durable, water resistant, and leaves no “wet ink” to handle or dispose of.

Our Elite Films

To deliver a premium, high-resolution print, our Elite films are manufactured to the exact specifications of the ERP702. This ensures a high quality print and extends the life of your print head.

Unlike traditional rolls that are only three inches wide and up to 201 feet long, our Elite films are four inches wide, and up to 298 feet long. In addition, our Left Margin Alignment technology will allow you to utilize the entire roll, minimizing waste.

With only one roll of our gold film, you can print up to 486 twelve inch ribbons!
Choose from a variety of colors ranging from pastel pink and blue, white to
metallic & matte gold.

Film Colors
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Film Colors Baby Blue Black Gold Hot Pink Metallic Gold Red Royal Blue White Brown Green Metallic Silver Orange Violet

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